Put yourself in the right hands with the business and consumer market research company... We deliver targeted information which never fails to make an impact.

Performa Logics is a full service market research organization that carries out projects throughout the UK and overseas. Our company has grown from strength to strength, through offering a professional and quality service. Our company is able to compete well within the industry because of the quality and insight that we offer. We take our role in the community seriously, and consider ourselves an ethical company, with an understanding of our responsibility to our staff, the local community and to the wider business world.

Our Strength

Our team of approachable senior research professionals have the expertise to provide creatively bespoke yet affordable solutions that suit your exact needs – from designing and managing research to analysing data sets, working with senior management and even taking care of your market research function in its entirety.

No matter what your industry sector, we have the experience and expertise to provide the on-point intelligence that ensures your business always stays ahead of the curve. Whether you need to know how a new product, brand or service will be received, or want to understand consumer behaviours and turn research into a tactical business tool, our experienced team of specialists will deliver the information that gives your company the right steer.

This approach ensures that the value of the knowledge you gain grows exponentially with each new project you undertake.

Our Work!

We work with our clients from the very outset to shape their research programmes optimally from the ground up. We take the time to thoroughly understand your strategic issues at the beginning, allowing us to give you a range of options to suit your business needs.

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Typically, the projects we deliver as a market research agency sit under the following broad headings

  • New Product or Service Development and Introduction
  • Segmentation and Behavioural Analysis
  • Customer Experience and Satisfaction Optimisation
  • Marketing Communication and Insight
  • Brand Mapping and Positioning